Pythia Ceremonial Oils

What is a Ceremonial Oil? 
We call our oils, Ceremonial Oils because of how they're created. They're a high vibrational product meaning that when you use them, you should be able to feel an actual shift in your energy. 

How to use Ceremonial Oils
You can think of Ceremonial Oils like a body oil, but better. Here is a list of of where you can use your oil, but really the possibilities are endless. 
  • As a body oil: After bathing, use the dropper to squirt a few drops into your hand and massage into your skin. Because it's an oil, a little goes a long way. 
  • Added to your face products: Although you can use our oils directly on your face (works as a great oil cleanser - simply apply a couple of drops, rub into face to lift makeup and dirt, and wipe with a damp face cloth), some people don't like to use oils directly on the face because it makes the application of makeup a bit "melty" however adding a couple of drops to your cleanser, serum, or moisturiser can be transformative for your skin with the rich healing properties of apricot kernel oil, evening primrose, vitamin e, jojoba, and fractioned coconut oil. 
  • As hair oil: Our oils are great for dry ends, rub 2-3 drops in you hands and run through the ends of dry hair. 
  • Added to baths: to add a little be of energetic luxury to your bath, squirt a few drops into the running water, works beautifully with epsom salts. 
  • For anointing or rituals: Anytime you need a non-specific oil for spellwork or rituals, you can use your high vibrational miracle oil.