Self-care is a pillar of our wellbeing. Without it, our spinning plates start to drop and we begin to feel overwhelmed. But this notion of self care is still cloudy for many of us, what does it really mean and how can we do it more?

Self-care is nourishing and honouring yourself in pockets of time that are totally dedicated to you. Many people think that indulging in a spa day a couple times a year is enough pampering to get them by, but it is what we do on the daily that really counts. 

At Pythia, we are dedicated to creating skincare that is solely designed around caring for you - not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and energetically.
All of our collections are limited edition because they are not created to be pumped out for the masses, they are thoughtful curated and hand-blended to become a deeply personal, divine experience - every single time you use them.

Each bottle is infused with penetrative energetic healing, it is not simply a skincare product, it is a tonic for your spirit. Our oils are not made, they are birthed through prayer, reiki, chanting, sound healing, and crystal energy. Everything that we create is sealed in a high vibrational field which is why we include unconventional directions with all our bottles that incorporates intention and spellwork for more heightened outcomes. 

We are excited that you are here, and cannot wait for you to feel the transformative experience of using Pythia. Get ready to unfold the magic of ritualistic skincare...


About Pythia


Pythia was a role at the time of Apollo, in Ancient Greece, given to a woman who would serve as an Oracle or a link between humans and the divine. She would channel messages and prophecies. She was a witch, harnessing her power to connect to the heavens. 


Lauren is a tarot reader, reiki healer, mother, witch, poet, and self-taught aromatherapist. She wanted to create a product as a way to pour healing and alignment into the world. She would often infuse her own products with reiki, sound healing and crystal energy and wanted to share the transformative experience with anyone who was called to find Pythia. Pythia was slowly and thoughtfully created during late nights after the house is asleep, early mornings, and any pockets of time she could find. With the help of regular tarot readings, extensive research, and channeling support from her guides, Pythia was born.