Ritualistic Self-Care for the Modern Mystic

Our philosophy is to create luxurious products for the modern mystic. At Pythia, we are dedicated to creating skincare that is solely designed around caring for you - not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and energetically.Get ready to experience the magic of high-vibrational skincare.

Tarot Ceremonial Body Oils

Why Tarot?

Our ritualistic skincare is inspired by the tarot. Tarot gives us a lens in which we can better understand our human experience. The cards are less about fortune telling and more about gaining clarity, insight, and likely outcomes from your current trajectory. The cards selected for our ceremonial body oils magnify our power in different ways. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and we create products that elevate both body and spirit. The tarot is a guiding light into a deeper more fulfilled life.

Zodiac Bath Soaks

Hypnos Sleep Oil

Our ritualistic sleep oil is designed to induce a deep and restful slumber by calming the central nervous system with a carefully balanced blend of Magnesium oil, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, and Geranium. 

This customer favourite is most popularly used to massage into the soles of the feet before bed allowing the active ingredients to penetrate most quickly, inducing a deep and restful slumber. 

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Self-care is more than just caring for our physical selves. It is about having a strong and ever-expanding relationship with our interior landscape.


1 Hour Tarot Reading (Online)

Tarot is a tool used to channel divine guidance. Whether you have a question about clarity, about finding your path, or need guidance on a particular area of your life, tarot can untangle the mind clutter that hinders us from seeing clearly.

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Your Tarot Portfolio

The Tarot Portfolio is a personalised, comprehensive deep dive into how tarot shapes you, your life, and your choices. It gives insight into repeated lessons and challenges that will appear in your life again and again, exploring why you may be experiencing repeated resistance in certain areas of your life and why other things come so easy.

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Self-Care Tools for the Modern Mystic